With almost 150 years of history, the Mummies of Guanajuato have become a part of our culture and traditions as a people settled on the slopes of a large ravine that has generously produced the riches of its innards since the age of Spanish viceroyalty.


In 1865 the first mummified body that lay in the Santa Paula Pantheon was extracted, and as the years go by, other bodies are discovered in the same condition due to the characteristics of the soil in which they rested. At present more than one hundred mummies make up the inventory of the museum created in their honor.


The wonder aroused by the mummies has been the inspiration for countless films starring Mexican wrestling heroes, and in the 1970s these films introduced other countries to the image of these stiffened bodies. In 2007 the Municipal Government redesigned the old Mummy Museum’s exhibits thematically, and with an infrastructure suitable for this exhibition which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.


The Mummies of Guanajuato are totally incorporated into the culture of Guanajuato’s inhabitants; from both a historical and social standpoint, they represent the different stages that have allowed this city to reinforce its position today as an important domestic tourist destination. Conserving and enlarging the cultural heritage associated with the mummies’ legacy has also been the object of painstaking scientific studies carried out by American specialists in forensics and anthropology.


These scientists have performed studies on mummies in other parts of the world, and in Guanajuato they are applying advanced techniques that will result in the enrichment of museum archives since it may be possible to learn possible causes of death, approximate ages, social environment and even the facial reconstruction of the mummified bodies.


The Mummies are part of Guanajuato’s Heritage and for this reason we conserve, preserve and share them with the visitors that come to our city in search of them. Lic. Edgar Castro Cerrillo, Mayor of Guanajuato


Ing. Luis Fernando Gutiérrez Márquez,
Mayor of Guanajuato